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Sarah de Schepper
is a Belgium artist who lives and works in Appelterre (Ninove). She studied Ceramics at LUCA school of art in Ghent where she obtained her Master's degree in 2001.

'As a visual artist I try to give shape to impressions from daily life, detecting, analyzing, tracing, the elusive, the transient, the glorification, the illusion, the memory ...
A personal interpretation then grows from this, in which conceptual thinking and technology come together. With the craft in mind, I try to deal with clay in a groundbreaking way and to arrive at installation work. In an ever-evolving game I intuitively search for a balance in the composition of the abstracted forms in confrontation with the space.
The technical process cannot be limited to just clay, but also combinations with other materials; plaster, casting resin, textile, wax ...'


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